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Home Tutors Testimonials


“On this site, I found students interested in home tutoring. Thanks GYANDARSHAN for helping me and finding me an extra income too”

Teaching has been my passion since college days, and I wanted to pursue this passion during my free time.The only problem that I faced was finding students. Then one day I came to know about GYANDARSHAN. 

“Being a teacher at GYANDARSHAN has renewed my love of teaching !”

“I am VERY satisfied with my experience with GYANDARSHAN. I would highly recommend GYANDARSHAN to any person who is serious about offering private tutoring services. Thanks.”

“I am truly grateful to be part of the GYANDARSHAN community. It has been a huge source of encouragement and inspiration.”

GYANDARSHAN have exceeded my expectations! They take care of all procedures, and all I have to do is just go and tutor the kid.

“GYANDARSHAN have a district willing to implement innovative programs to affect student outcomes in a positive way”

“GYANDARSHAN cares about its teachers and students. It provides a wide variety of professional development workshops, online support and mentors for new teachers.”

Testimonials from Home Tutors of Gyandarshan Edusolutions Private Limited (OPC)

 “I have enjoyed teaching the students as well as learning from them.  I believe every day is a new opportunity to learn and my main goal is to prepare my students to be successful in the rest of their school years and to be life-long learners.”

“I believe that Gyandarshan Edusolutions Private Limited (OPC) is one of the best places in the country to be a teacher. I am proud to be a teacher in GYANDARSHAN because GYANDARSHAN is committed to the success of every child.” 

“The best teachers continue to learn and grow. GYANDARSHAN seek out new information and ideas by consulting with knowledgeable colleagues. They try out what they have learned and share both successes and challenges with colleagues.”

“This website is doing a great service in helping students and tutors find each other!”

” I earned my first salary even before completing my MSW. Thanks to!!!”

“Its a good channel for getting part time tuition jobs. I started earning on my own!”

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