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Frequently asked questions by Home Tutor

If you find any query or doubts which are not answered here, then you can directly Contact us : +91 9864014444

Question: What is required to become a tutor ? And what is the Qualification for teacher to join Gyandarshan Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd.?

Answer: To qualify as a Gyandarshan Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd. teacher, you must have completed one of the following:

  • A recognized Degree programme (Graduate or Post Graduate) or;
  • Candidates with minimum educational qualification of a degree with 60% marks.
  • B.Ed. or equivalent from a recognized University.
  • All Candidates applying must be confident , articulate and fluent in English.

Question:How to Apply?

Answer: Fill our online tutor application form:
Application form contains all the mandatory fields that we need from the applicant.
Once we receive your application form following process will be initiated:
a. HR division will go through your application
b. Match your profile with student’s requirement
c. An interview will be scheduled with you.

Question: Why the Tutor profiles will be blacklisted?

Answer: Tutors profile may get blacklisted if they violate any of our terms & conditions:

1. Sharing the student’s information with unregistered tutors

2. Furnishing false information in their profile etc.

Question: How will I be paid my tuition fee?

Answer: The tutor has to collect the tuition fee end of every month from the guardians. Tutor & Parent can decide payment schedule.

Question: How does Gyandarshan Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd. work for tutor?

Answer: Tutor can advertise their profile for students. When a student search a tutor according to his specification a list of tutors is displayed. Then the student chooses the ones closer to his requirement to contact.

Question:Is there any Registration charges?

Answer: The Tutor registration charges is: Rs. 700/- 

Question: Are registration fees refundable?

Answer: If the tutor does not get any student then we refund registration fees. After Registration if the tutor doesn’t get any student/tuition within 6 months then we refund the Registration fees on tutor’s request.

Question: Who are verified tutors ?

Question: How do I pay this Registration Charges ?


“Click on the below link”

You can either pay by:Internet banking or Debit card or Credit card as your convenient.

Question: Can I pay Registration Fee Rs. 700/- after getting suitable tuition?

Answer: We usually give preference to Verified Tutors.

Question: How do I pay this Registration charges ?

Answer: You can either pay by online with debit card or credit card or internet banking (using Secured Payment Gateway) or by Cash deposit in our office.

Question: What is the guarantee/assurance that I will get tuition if I pay Registration fee? After paying the Registration fee if I do not get any tuition within the Registration period?

Answer: After Registration if the tutor doesn’t get any student/tuition within 6 months then we refund the Registration fees on tutor’s request.

Question: When I will get a tuition after Registration?

Answer: It’s completely depending upon the requirements in your locality/area. Registration period for a Verified tutor is : One year.

Question: What is the benefit of joining Gyandarshan Edusolutions Pvt. Ltd. or ?

Answer: It is always good to rely on a professional to increase ones marketability and employability. Individual effort to reach the students can be painful and tiring. That is where professional help comes in to give you maximum exposure.

Question: For which subjects I can apply?

Answer: We are accepting the application for all subjects. Our recruiters go through the application daily to shortlist the current requirement of teachers.

Question: Would I receive any orientation?

Answer: Orientation will be provided at our center for the teachers residing in Guwahati. Other teachers can download orientation program from our Website:

Question: How many days in a week I have to teach?

Answer: Tutors are required to take classes 2 or 3 or 4 days in a week for minimum 1:15 hours only.

Question: Where does tutoring take place?

Answer: Tutoring take place at student’s residence for one-on-one learning experience. Tutors may teach individual student at the student’s home only.

Question: What would be my salary ?

Answer: Home Tutoring is a part time job. We provide a way of earning extra income. Your monthly salary will depend upon the student’s standard and number of subjects. Tutors have to discuss with the Parents about the tuition fees. Tutors or Parents can get advice about tuition fees from our service team.

Question: Do I need to submit any documents ?

Answer: Although we prefer online registration, you may also submit the following documents at our office:

    1. One photograph. 
    2. Copy of your address proof (For e.g. Driving license OR, Voter ID Card OR, Passport OR, BANK Pass Book.
    3. Copy of your Secondary and Senior Secondary mark sheets.
    4. Copy of your Latest degree mark sheets.
    5. Registration Fee for tutor Rs. 700/- Only.

Question: Do I have to travel very long distances to conduct the classes ?

Answer: No, we assign students nearby your locality. We try our best to minimize your travel time.

Question: Do you conduct any training for tutors ?

Answer: Yes, we conduct training sessions for teachers. The training sessions are helpful for the tutors to understand various problems of the students in a better way. We have both online and offline training programs.

Question: When will I get tuition after registration ? Or; How many times required to get tuition after registration ?

Answer: It depends upon the student’s availability in your preferred locality & requirements of subjects. It may take 1 or 2 months or further.

Question: After registration how many tuition will be allotted for me?

Answer: Only one tuition will be allotted for you after registration. If your performance will get satisfactory, administration will allotted more tuition for you.

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