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Frequently Asked Questions Guardian

Frequently Asked Questions Guardian

Frequently Asked Questions Guardian
If you find any query or doubts which are not answered here, then you can directly contact-us.
Question: How does Scientia Education work for students?
Answer: A student can search the required tutor by choosing subject and location. A list of tutors will be displayed and then the student can request us for the Particular tutor ENROLLMENT NUMBER:
Question: What is the admission fee?
Answer: At the time of admission we take non-refundable Registration fee: Rs. 1000/- (admission fees). Fee is payable to ‘SCIENTIA TUTORIALS’ for providing home tuition service and applicable for finding a teacher in your locality or the nearby area.
Question: Do the admission fees cover tuition charge?
Answer: No, amount paid (non-refundable) during the admission time is not a part of tuition charge. Customers need to discuss and settle monthly salary, tuition timings and payment mode directly with tutors at the time of admission.

Question: What to do if I can not find any tutor who matches my requirements on your website?
Answer: If you cannot find any tutor that matched you requirement then you post an enquiry on our site without any charges. To do this click on “Need a Tutor” button and fill up the specifications.
You can also send SMS or call us in our Helpline Number: 9864014444.
Question: Can I replace my tutor?
Question: How do I change my Tutor?
Answer: Yes, you can ask for changing a tutor.
You can change your Tutor easily, without being asked the reason for your decision.
First, identify a new Tutor (see the list
Second, E-mail or call us giving Student’s ENROLLMENT Number as well the names of your previous Tutor and your new Tutor.
Finally, if you are having difficulties finding a new tutor, consult with us.
It is not advisable to change your Tutor without careful consideration, especially if your tutor is aware of any on-going difficulties.

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