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  • ‘ Gyandarshan Edusolutions Private Limited (OPC) ’ behaves as a link between the tutors and the parents / students. However we take all necessary process to work to do a complete screening and run a full background check, ‘Scientia Education’ does not take any responsibility regarding the moral behavior or personal conduct of parents / students towards the teacher and vice versa.
  • Lady tutors, who wants or do home tuition to students, should make a personal judgement call before taking an tuition and take proper care to avoid any kind of embarrassing situation We are not responsible for any such unforeseen incident.
  • ‘Gyandarshan Edusolutions Private Limited (OPC)’ is always involved in rate negotiation and finalisation of the amount, payment terms and mode of payment. behalf of students/Parents & Tutor ‘. Gyandarshan Edusolutions Private Limited (OPC)’ will not play the role of a mediator in case of any payment related disagreements.
  • Gyandarshan Edusolutions Private Limited (OPC) is not involved in any kind of interactions that takes place between the students/parents and tutors and hence is not liable for any disagreement or miscommunication or arguments arising between the parents / students and the tutors. The parents / students and the tutors are however free to take and give feedback and advice from us to solve the issue properly.
  • ’Gyandarshan Edusolutions Private Limited (OPC)’ is not responsible for quality in tuition services provided by tutors. We cann’t guarantee any quality of tutoring skills. The quality of tuition service in education or tutoring skills are very subjective issues that depends from tutor to tutor and from student to student It is also largely dependent on the student / parent’s educational background.
  • ‘Gyandarshan Edusolutions Private Limited (OPC)’ has the every right to add, edit or remove any content on this website( at any point of time without prior notice.
  • ‘Gyandarshan Edusolutions Private Limited (OPC)’ reserves the right to suspend the teaching service on non-payment of tuition fees after giving prior notice to the parents/students.The amount paid by parents / students as tuition fee is non-refundable.
  • The registration fees paid by tutor is non-refundable.
  • All the documents and photographs submitted by the tutors while registration will belong to ‘Gyandarshan Edusolutions Private Limited (OPC)’ and we will not return the same.
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