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Cancellation Policy for Student or Guardian

We make publically open our policy on refund and cancellation of orders received and made on payment gateway as under:-

a) Any refund/cancellation sought for by any parent will be entertained only when received within 2 days of the date of the registration.

b) The service of referring a tutor for which a refund has been sought for will be subject to examination by experts of Gyandarshan Edusolutions Private Limited (OPC) regarding the quality and other aspects. Because of the subjective nature of this business.

c) No cash or refund of money will be allowed, but only free replacement can be provided.

d) If the request is made for change of a tutor after adjustment of security deposit, then it will be considered as a fresh enquiry.

e) Cash refund 60% only if at all required in any exceptional circumstances will be made through or multicity cheque(s) or online transfer.

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